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To understand the message of Christ, you have to understand Israel. Christian interpretations of Scripture should begin with Jesus’ self-declaration that the Scriptures speak of him.
Generalized hermeneutics are not enough. They provide a safe guard from willy nilly postmodern interpretations for sure, but left as the sole determiner of meaning they leave us not with Christ revealed but a modern materialistic undertaking that would more than please the positivists and skeptics of the Enlightenment.

Spiritual but Not Religious: The Advent of Eastern Religion in Western America

Introduction In 2016, Barna Group conducted a survey of U.S. adults over the age of 18 in all 50 states to determine the beliefs of those who state they are “spiritual but not religious.”[1] The results of the research indicate that roughly 11% of the population readily identify with this designation, comprised mostly of Generation X and Baby Boomers. Less than one hundred years ago, such a category did not even exist; people identified with a defined religion or as unbelievers (atheistic or agnostic).

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The Failure of Frodo

“And so sovereign Providence has often produced a remarkable effect–evil men making other evil men good. For some, when they think they suffer injustice at the hands of the worst of men, burn with hatred for evil men, and being eager to be different from those they hate, have reformed and become virtuous. It is only the power of God to which evils may also be good, when by their proper use He elicits some good result.

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A new progressive religion exists with a liturgy of new, removed, redefined words. Described best as Word Porridge: a ground up, unintelligible hash; quick to grow cold. This is best spit out into the trash, it is not even fit for dogs.


What comes into our minds when we think about God is largely demonstrative of who we are and where we are. While all of life is theological, it is what God thinks - not what you think - that’s most important. Therefore, being a follower of Christ and sitting, walking, and standing with Him are the fundamental ways in which one might begin to think about Him rightly. Orthodox theology cannot be separated from living the Christian life under the Lordship of Christ. It is illegitimate to separate theology from being a Christian, therefore the wisdom of Christ is possible, if still elusive, only for those who are in Christ. Theology, properly defined, is knowing God in the relational sense; this is only possible if He knows you.


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