What is Truth?

The Roman Governor was moments away from sentencing Truth itself, who had come in the flesh to dwell with human beings.

And this haunting question echoes down the corridors of history, and grows louder even now. For we live in a culture that tolerates all truth except for the idea that there is such a thing as Truth.

And yet, what must deniers imply by rejecting truth? That is, to deny truth, one must say that its true that truth doesn’t exist. Is that not nonsense?

All one need do is go back to Pilate’s question to understand that its not about a lack of knowledge, but a desire.

For those who deny truth desire that it doesn’t exist, so that they may have complete freedom to do whatever they would like to without consequences. But low, the Son of Man comes quickly, and on this Truth He shall reign in Heaven and on Earth.



Picture By Antonio Ciseri -www.most-famous-paintings.org/Ecce-Homo… Public Domain, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.p…



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