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There is a certain modern sentiment held by the cultural nominally religious, and even by the modern / postmodern Christian, that perceives of miracles as the idea that God intervenes in the course of natural events, and such events are unexplainable by scientific methodology or human reason making them violations of the law of nature. Atheists, of course, rail against those who accept this definition suggesting that it is nothing more than a “God of the Gaps” theory….and for a good reason. It is decidedly not Christian but pagan.

Classically, miracles are those events that spark wonder. The Christian response to this understanding is that miracles are those events that are accentuated distinct events of what God is already doing (and has always done) that produce awe in human beings for the purpose of bringing glory to the Father. Biblically, they are called signs and wonders. Functionally, there is no difference between God healing a man through the means of prayer than what God already does through the means of human beings who practice medicine. He is the author of both.

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